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Inmediata provides electronic data management solutions designed to improve efficiencies and reduce administrative overhead, while better managing revenue streams while better managing revenue streams and resource.

Through software solutions, electronic infrastructure, automation and consulting, Inmediata delivers intelligent, real-time analysis and handling of information between branches, supplier, distributors and customer. Simply put: we’re in the business of integrating day-to-day business operations with your key partners.

Working primarily with healthcare professional, insurance companies and state and federal agencies, Inmediata enhances your ability to access accurate, relevant information through secure, open-access technology. We provide the tools necessary to maximize margins, gain critical transactional information – in real time – for proactive decision making and increased efficiency.

Inmediata, was the first truly agile Health Care value-added intermediary in the processing, tracking, analysis and management of Health Care electronic transactions covering Medical, Dental and Institutional.

Inmediata provides a cost effective platform for aggregation, augmentation and integration of the claims submission processes.

This innovative system has the capability of easing processes such as:

• Agile Electronic submission of individual or batch claims to insurance   companies.
• Transaction Delivery Guarantee through our state-of-the-art Transmission   Network.
• HIPAA transaction format integration.
• Unparallel fast response time for the acknowledgement and processing of claims.
• Online tracking of claims payment status.
• Complete system integration into existing Practice Management Software (PMS).
• Secure exchange of information – and full data translation into HIPAA formats.
• Increased efficiency, reduced administrative costs and improved cash flow.

This innovative system will completely and securely integrate with your current Practice Management Software, to deliver faster claims submissions and processing, in turn, shortening the payment cycle.

Inmediata also offers a stand alone software solution for those Healthcare providers which are still submitting claims on paper.

Inmediata will continue to give added strength to their customers, helping them to lower costs, increase efficiency, better compete and in turn, grow and expand their businesses.

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Friday, July 25, 2014