This innovative billing program integrates all administrative processes of your practice, eliminates the use of different applications and maximizes your office performance.

Secure Claim has the Cloud Computing technology, making this the more secure, agile and cost effective for you practice. You will have access to your program 24 hour, 7 days a week from your computer, Tablet or Smartphone with Internet connection from any browser.

Secure Claim is flexible and adaptable to practices of any size and specialty, and to medical billing companies.

Appointment Book:
Program, cancel and even move your appointments! It is easy with Secure Claim’s Appointment Book.
• Visualization of multiple appointment books at the same time with the new drag & drop technology.
• Batch eligibility for all the appointments in a day.
• Appointment confirmation by email and text messaging.

Obtain your patients complete profile: demographic information, practice record, insurance information and more.
• Fast and brief record (claims, diagnostics, services, payments, appointments, among others).
• Document management.
• Patient photo.

Streamline patient insurance eligibility verification in a secure way with various options to make easy your job.
• Individual request (from patient record and eligibility screen).
• Permanent history of request and eligibility results.
• Create your patients automatically from the eligibility.
• Verify your patient’s eligibility in or the day before the appointment.

This program gives you the necessary tools to optimize your billing process and maximize the profitability of your practice.
• Practical and easy process of Professional, Dental and Institutional claims, all in one program.
• Eligibility results included in claim to facilitate tracking.
• Automatic integration of encounters generated by the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
• Coordination of Benefit (COB) easy to use.
• Printing formats for CMS-1500, ADA-07, ADA-12 and UB-04.
• Automatic download from Inmediata preventing the data entry of:

⸰ Providers
⸰ Insurers
⸰ Business lines codes (CPT, CDT, ICD-9, ICD-10, NUBC, among others).

Users and Security:
Secure Claim has a robust administration of users that assure:
• System authorization based on roles (near to 150 security elements for each role).
• Secure patients and claims data base.

Other new functionalities:
• Session home from and to Secure Track (Provider Reports Portal).
• Client-Server-Based-System Version available.
• Among others…