Secure EMR is the complete management solution for your medical practice, designed to provide all the tools for a quick and efficient process in your office. From appointment calendar management and billing integration, e-prescribing and review of laboratory results and radiographic images.

Inmediata Electronic Medical Record is everything your health practice needs to centralize, organize and automate processes using a simple and single application, Secure EMR.

  • Compliance with HIPAA, CMS and CCHIT.
  • Compliance with "Meaningful Use”.
  • Security of your Data.
  • UNLIMITED backup of digitalized documents (no extra cost).

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Accredited repository, certified and safe. DON’T invest in costly additional equipment: Servers, Computers, Backup Systems.

Inmediata Prescription Integrated
• Improve form compliance.
• Verify medications interaction
E-lab lab management of laboratory orders
• Organize results electronically.
• Verify notifications of unread results
Manage studies and radiography images
• Compatible with DICOM.
• Verify images, results and videos.

Templates which make it functional for all specialties
• Add or deactivate users at no additional cost.
• Cost efficient 100% Web Based.
• Import your patient’s demographic data.
• Transmit the "Superbill" electronically to your current billing program.
• Streamline and maximize your auditing, reporting and billing resources.

Service / Support / Training / Programming
• 24/7 access to program.
• Guaranteed security.
• Proven experience you know.
• Years of experience in health informatics.
• Vast and solid structure of trained personnel.